Technical Careers

Technical services careers Provide high voltage, low voltage, and renewable energy services to help businesses get the most from their power.

Calling all Licensed Electricians, Engineers, Project Managers, and Technicians

Spark Power technicians, electricians, and engineers can be found working in manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and renewable asset sites across North America. Interested in joining our team? We want to hear from you.

wide variety of projects

Working at Spark Power gives you the chance to tackle challenging and rewarding projects. One project could have you work on installing a brand new power system in a 250,000 sq. ft. processing plant. The next project might have you retrofitting the electrical system of a 50,000 seat stadium. Or you may find yourself climbing a 300 ft. wind turbine for maintenance servicing.

Modern fleet vehicles

With a fleet of over 500 vehicles (and growing), Spark Power makes it easy for you to get to-and-from the customer. Clean and well-maintained, our light-duty cars and heavy-duty trucks are an important element of the Spark Power brand.

Another important element is sustainability, which is why we're committed to updating our light-duty fleet vehicles with environmentally-friendly electric vehicles to help us lower our carbon footprint.

premium equipment and tools

To do the best job, you need the best people and the best tools. Spark Power gives you the equipment you need to do the job properly and safely. The tools you'll be using are inspected regularly to ensure they'll perform as expected. You'll also have access to leading-edge technology to help you deliver superior service to our clients.

We also give you any skills required to do the job through with ongoing training that starts online or in the classroom and ends in the field.