The old power model is going away. Today, the customer has choice of where their power comes from. There are new ways to create clean energy and emerging technologies to use it efficiently.

Before, power was a monopoly. Utilities generated it and customers bought and used it. Today, it’s an integrated ecosystem where you can produce and sell power at will.

At Spark Power Corp., our mandate is to help businesses navigate the ever-changing power infrastructure and to deliver alternative, effective, and environmentally friendly products and services.

Our vision

  • We strive to be the leading independent provider of integrated power solutions to the industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) markets across North America.

Our mission

  • We exist to disrupt the power sector to reduce cost, make the environment a priority, and empower our customers to transition to the grid of the future.

Key differentiators

  • Our highly skilled and dedicated design, engineering, and technical teams cover the entire spectrum of power infrastructure, enabling a deep understanding of the power environment and needs of our customers.
  • This allows us to deliver the most comprehensive power solutions in the market from generation to distribution…providing maximum economic and environmental benefit, without compromise to the reliability or resiliency of the power system.

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