Growth through stewardship, involvement, engagement, and respect.

Spark Power Corp. provides cutting-edge technical and operational support to the renewable energy sector in North America. That’s what we do.

Spark Power also recognizes we have the opportunity and the responsibility to spearhead meaningful social change. That’s what we believe.

Environmental stewardship

Reducing our carbon emissions footprint is key to being a good corporate citizen. Spark Power is proud to eliminate its energy-related environmental impact by choosing green electricity and green natural gas from Bullfrog Power for our entire operations (including all Canadian subsidiaries).

We also pay a close eye to minimizing our day-to-day operational footprint, such as encouraging telecommuting, phasing out plastic bottle use and promoting conservative printing habits.

Community involvement

Spark is dedicated to supporting communities focused on renewable energy. We created and continue to manage two of the largest renewable energy co-ops in Canada: AGRIS Solar Co-op and Green Energy Co-Operative of Ontario (GECO). Combined, the co-ops total more than 600 members and 15.2 MW of green energy capacity. Through Bullfrog Power, we have also invested in more than 140 community-based renewable energy projects across the country. These projects include wind and solar installations launched in partnership with Indigenous communities, public schools and renewable energy co-ops.

Our corporate giving strategy reflects our commitment to empowering communities throughout Canada. Over the last 3 years, we have invested more than $250,000 in community groups such as Farms for Change and United Way, as well as continuous support for Unity for Autism, where our Co-Ceo Jason Sparaga is the President of the Board. We also sponsor Spark Power Play, our annual charitable fundraiser that has raised approximately $100,000 for Prostate Cancer Canada.

Employee engagement

At Spark Power, we strive to create a respectful, supportive and inclusive work environment that allows our employees to be their best, and power change through our work. We believe that change occurs when employees are given opportunities to achieve their full potential. To help nurture our team, Spark Power provides a number of learning and development opportunities:

  • Company sponsored continuing education program
  • On-the-job opportunities to learn new skills
  • Career development planning and coaching

In recognition of the gender disparity in many technical and engineering fields, Spark Power is helping to challenge this issue through:

  • Provision of bursaries to females entering technical/engineering fields
  • Support for Camp Engies, a program that supports and encourages female youth interested in engineering (grades 6-8).

Indigenous Peoples policy

Spark Power recognizes and respects the traditions, histories, and priorities of all Indigenous Peoples throughout Canada and the United States.

We understand our activities have an immediate and long-term impact on the communities we serve. The following initiatives ensure those impacts are positive and beneficial:

  • Inclusivity: Listening to and integrating the perspectives and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples throughout the duration of the project.
  • Accountability: Environmentally responsible development that honors the traditional land and resources of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Commonality: Working with leaders and the community-at-large to establish mutually defined and agreed-upon goals and objectives.

Spark Power recognizes and governs itself according to national and international laws regarding Indigenous Peoples.

Constitutional and legal rights

We adhere to and follow all constitutional and legal rights afforded to Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States. They are inherent and include the rights to:

  • Land
  • Natural and manufactured resources and activities required to access them
  • Self-determination and self-government
  • Practice culture, customs, language, religion, and education as deemed fit.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP)

Indigenous Peoples have free and unfettered access and the rights to:

  • Self-determination to choose what is right and best for Indigenous Peoples and their communities
  • Equality to all other peoples and the rights to practice customs and traditions unique to them
  • Free, complete, prior, and informed consent in order to make decisions on any matter that may affect their rights
  • Protection from discrimination

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