The innovative solutions, reliable performance, and on-demand service your project demands and deserves.

Extensive on-site field services, commissioning and start up, and safety protocols ensures the engineering design elements of your project are delivered on-time, on budget, and as expected.

End-to-end service

From the first blueprint to the final screw, and through ongoing maintenance, your engineering needs are designed and delivered with you in mind:

Engineering services

  • Design: Developing a functional, practical, and cost-effective engineering system based on your requirements.
  • Analysis: Deep-dive studies and audits of current systems to identify elements to improve, retrofit, or replace.
  • Modeling: Mathematical and computational simulations of current and proposed engineering systems.

Technical field services

  • Project management: End-to-end planning, implementation, and handling of new system installation or current system retrofits.
  • Construction scheduling: Establishing milestones, workback schedules, and deliverables according to your project requirements.
  • Equipment evaluation: Determining the suitability, efficiency, and effectiveness of equipment that’s being used in the field.

Automation services

  • Programming and design: Incorporating custom user interfaces for your newly installed engineering system.
  • Commissioning: Ensuring all system components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to spec.
  • On-site training: Visiting your location to provide hands-on training to system users.

Training services

  • Equipment maintenance: Scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment operating with peak efficiency.
  • Safety and switching: Training personnel to look for and mitigate safety hazards.
  • Protection and control: Verifying, recalibrating, testing, and analyzing all high voltage systems within your organization.

Specialty services

  • Power factor testing: Accurately measuring the integrity power load magnitude and nature.
  • Transformer services: End-to-end service for transformer lifecycles, from commissioning to recycling and disposal.
  • Specs for oil processing units: Testing for colour, temperature, viscosity, contamination, and other critical elements of oil performance.

Post-project planning

Once your engineering system is in place, a customized maintenance program ensures it remains in peak operational condition.

  • Developing scope: Establishing maintenance requirements and scope to accommodate both routine maintenance and scheduled shutdowns.
  • Providing assistance: Master data support for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), including SAP, Ellipse, and Maximo programs.
  • Educating: Training your team on standard maintenance processes, along with detailed introduction to associated tools used within the industry.

Field services

Design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance analysis of all types of power equipment, voltage classes, and brands.

  • Systems: Grounding systems, ground-fault protection systems, adjustable speed drive systems, and emergency systems.
  • Assemblies and structures: Switchgear and switchboard assemblies and outdoor bus structures. Transformers and instrument transformers.
  • Machinery and equipment: Standard cables. Metal-enclosed busways. Circuit breakers. Protective relays. Metering devices. Rotating machinery. Capacitors, reactors, and more.

Serving any industry in any location

With an ability to access remote locations, Spark Power Corp. accounts for any on-site restrictions while meeting the needs of your industry:

  • Oil and gas: Custom oil and gas engineering services to maximize operations and extraction efficiency with minimal downtime.
  • Mining: Safety-oriented installations and maintenance to keep your facility powered, operational, and your workers safe.
  • Utilities: Tailored solutions to accommodate the infrastructure and public responsibility requirements of utilities including oil, gas, water, and power.
  • Forestry: Unique forestry engineering services that focus on plant uptime, power reliability, outage control, and waste mitigation.
  • Public: Specific solutions to meet the engineering and technical needs of public buildings such as hospitals, colleges/universities, water treatment facilities, and government facilities.

Safety first and foremost

All employees are required to take ongoing training, testing and certification programs.

This ensures the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of electrical equipment and systems in accordance with IEEE, ANSI, CSA, and ASTM standards.

In addition, we are a proud member of NETA Accredited Companies Certified Technicians, the leading source of equipment specifications, procedures, testing, and requirements.

This governs the commissioning of new equipment and testing the reliability and performance of existing equipment.

Engineering services delivered by Orbis Engineering

Orbis Engineering, a Spark Power company since 2018, is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Specializing in power systems engineering and on-site field services, Orbis has successfully completed projects in countries across five continents.

This global experience enables us to handle any job, anywhere, regardless of size, scope, or local governance.


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