Spark Power delivers turn-key design, manufacturing, and installation of prefabricated substations.

Prefabricated Substations

Prefabricated substations are ideal solutions for organizations operating electrical power infrastructures in the range of 4kV – 230kV. Our substations are designed and factory-assembled, ensuring they arrive to your site “installation-ready”. The integration of the latest technology in protection, metering, SCADA control, and audio frequency load control are all embedded within our designs.

We have successfully delivered prefabricated substations domestically and internationally, rating for:

  • Voltage class: 230kV, 138kV, 69kV, 15kV
  • Seismic class: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Wind rated: 150mph, 125mph, 100mph
  • Ice rated: 2”, 1”
  • Ergonomic design: Healthy and safe operations

Proven Safe Design Library

A proven safe design library provides immediate access to proven fabrication details, staging, set-up, and physical design packages.

Smart Section Design

Our modules can be shipped in compact smart sections, which enables low cost transport and rapid on-site assembly.

Smart Technology and Hard Fiber

Hard fiber and smart technology reduces control wire and delivers enhanced remote operation and equipment monitoring capabilities.

Helical Pile Foundations

We utilize advanced pre-engineered foundation systems to further improve the speed and efficiency of installations.

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