Spark Power Implements New Employee Share Ownership Plan

Spark Power Implements New Employee Share Ownership Plan

OAKVILLE, ON – January 8, 2020 – Spark Power Group Inc. (TSX: SPG), parent company of Spark Power Corp. (“Spark Power” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the implementation of its Employee Share Ownership Plan (“ESOP” or the “Plan”), effective January 1, 2020, as approved by the shareholders at its last annual meeting,

The Plan is being administered on behalf of Spark Power by a third-party provider, Computershare Trust Company of Canada. Details of the Plan include a one-time offering of company gift shares and a company match of up to 10% of employee contributions, subject to (i) a cap for each employee depending on their position in the Company and (ii) a two-year vesting period. Employees may elect to participate in the ESOP through payroll deductions and/or by way of lump sum contributions.

“We are very pleased to be rolling out the next version of our ESOP program,” said Eric Waxman, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Spark Power Corp. “The Plan was designed to allow employees to benefit from the Company’s long-term growth, to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, and to support a culture of ownership, performance, and engagement. Through the gift share component of the Plan, every employee becomes a shareholder in the Company—We Are All Owners!” added Waxman.

“Under the ESOP, company success translates to employee success,” said Jason Sparaga, Co-Founder & Co CEO, Spark Power Corp. “We see subscription as a demonstration of employees’ commitment to the Company and as an opportunity to facilitate alignment throughout the organization with a focus on creating long-term value for our employees and our shareholders,” added Sparaga.

In accordance with the terms of the Plan, contributions to the Plan by employees and the company matching contribution will be used to acquire Spark shares, either by issuance from treasury, by purchases by the Plan administrator in the market, or a combination of both, as determined by Spark from time to time.

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