Spark Power’s Renewables Business Growing Rapidly, Supported By Strong U.S.-based Demand

Spark Power’s Renewables Business Growing Rapidly, Supported By Strong U.S.-based Demand

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO — February 2, 2021 — Spark Power Group Inc. (“Spark” or “Company”) is excited to share that its renewables business segment is continuing to experience rapid growth, powered by a particularly strong demand for our U.S. wind services.

“I’m pleased to see that our strategy to provide high quality construction support, operations, and maintenance services for renewable energy providers is paying off,” says Richard Jackson, Spark Power’s President & CEO. “We are now one of the largest independent providers of renewable energy services in North America, and our business is growing significantly faster than the overall market,” Jackson continues. “By providing critical, high-demand support services during construction, we are positioned well to be awarded the long-term operations and maintenance service agreements after commissioning, and we are proving ourselves to be our customers’ Trusted Partner in Power.”

“Because more than 80% of this business is in the U.S., our recently appointed Executive Vice President of Renewables, Grayson Swan, will now lead Spark Power’s Renewables business segment from our U.S. head office in Dallas, Texas,” Jackson adds. “Grayson will work closely with Cody Zaitsoff, who leads our U.S. Technical Services business, to identify cross-selling and operational scale opportunities across the U.S. market.”

“I’m thrilled to be leading Spark’s Renewables business,” says Grayson Swan. “2020 was a year of continued growth and success for the Company’s renewables segment, made possible by our team’s incredible efforts and the continued trust and confidence in our services shown by our customers,” says Swan. “The renewables business saw 25% growth year over year, fueled by a 50% uptick in U.S.-based wind services. Given the favorable political environment and strong underlying demand for renewable energy, there is a very bright long-term outlook for this area of our business,” Swan says. “We are excited to continue expanding throughout the U.S. in 2021, with additional focus on the solar services market, driving similar levels of growth.”

Jackson adds: “We have been very intentional about building this part of our business. Interestingly, Northwind Solutions was Spark Power’s first acquisition and One Wind Services was our last. We are committed to this sector now more than ever, with our renewables segment accounting for over 25% of our total revenue. We are well-positioned to continue to benefit from the tailwinds associated with the need to fight climate change, and I am proud that Spark Power is doing its part.”


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