Tal Trees lends a helping hand in Florida’s restoration post Irma

Tal Trees lends a helping hand in Florida’s restoration post Irma

Spark Power Corp is proud to share that our Tal Trees Power Services team from Belleville, Ontario is one of many Canadian crews supporting Florida’s restoration post Hurricane Irma.

There were many requests for assistance and the team immediately responded.  The Tal Trees crew began their journey early Saturday morning and have since arrived in Florida, working diligently with restoration efforts.

“We know how important electricity is – it pretty much drives everything we rely on day-to-day,” says Jason Sparaga, Co-Founder and CEO of Spark Power Corp. “We’ve heard from partners that about 4.4 million homes and businesses – or 15 million people – were without electricity across Florida,” which recently weathered a historic storm, and must now cope with an unprecedented loss of power. “We’re proud to offer our support,” adds Sparaga.

Irma, which stretched 650 miles from east to west, has battered at least nine states — flooding city streets, uprooting trees and light poles and destroying homes.  Initial estimates are that 25% of homes in the Florida Keys have been destroyed, and another 65% suffered major damage.

“We are confident in our team’s ability to work safely and coordinate with other utilities and contractors on-site and we wish them best of luck during this time of need,” says Arnold Portt of Tal Trees.

Check out the following media mentions for images and video footage of our on-site team: