On-site, on-time, and on-demand inspections, repairs, and replacements for all your wind and solar power generators.

Comprehensive maintenance that’s tailor-made for your wind and solar assets keeps them operative and profitable.

Wind maintenance

  • Monitoring and analytics: 24/7 asset monitoring with technician dispatching and real-time work order management.
  • Predictive maintenance: Identify, track, and proactively manage small issues to extend the life of your wind asset investment.
  • Wind asset inspection, repair, and replacement: From the tip of the blade to the base, your wind asset remains safe and operational. We look at hydraulic systems, anemometers, cables, gearboxes, and more.

Solar maintenance

  • Remote project monitoring: 24/7 asset monitoring with technician dispatching and real-time maintenance planning.
  • Event reporting: Recording key facets of ongoing maintenance and work activities via images, measurement values, and task completion checklists.
  • Solar asset inspection, repair, and replacement: Turnkey development of customized maintenance programs along with prompt alarm response. Voltage testing, panel cleaning, structural inspections, and more.

Consulting services

Whether your project is in the planning stage, building stage, or operating stage, we can guide you to ensure all stages, end-to-end, are profitable and productive.

List of services

  • Construction monitoring
  • Inspections
  • QA and QC reviews

Substation maintenance

Complete substation maintenance for utility scale solar and wind projects, LDCs, and private industry partners.

  • Testing: End-to-end testing of system protection and controls. Medium and high voltage cabling checks along with transformer inspection.
  • Maintenance: Switchgear maintenance and conformation. Insulating oil property and gas analysis.
  • Emergency service: Emergency response and power recovery services.

All substation maintenance includes professional reporting of diagnostics and recommendations.

Wind and solar field services delivered by Northwind

Northwind, a Spark Power company since 2013, is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario with offices across the province.

With over 600MW of solar and wind assets under management, Northwind consistently delivers best-in-class operations and maintenance solutions.

This experience and commitment to quality ensures your wind and solar assets will provide peak performance and reliability for the long-term.


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