Protecting your assets with predictive testing, planned maintenance, and detailed analysis.

Your team, and the equipment they use, work hard to deliver reliable, efficient performance day-after-day. Preventative maintenance from Spark Power Corp. keeps their equipment in peak working order.

Component inspection

Save time, money, and unplanned downtime. Checking key elements within your facility on a regular basis helps to delay failures, mitigate safety risks, and eliminate non-compliance issues:

  • Scans: IFR/thermography heat scans
  • Panel inspections: Thorough inspections of breaker panels, survey lighting panels, and control panels.
  • Safety checks: Confirming proper wire size and fuses. Testing motor load performance. Overload protection testing. Ensuring power distribution labels are accurate and visible.
  • Ongoing inspections: Reviewing single line diagrams. Ensuring software backups of PLCs and HMIs are operational. Testing individual circuits.

Lab testing

Diagnostic services and laboratory testing—combined with preventative maintenance—helps you avoid costly equipment breakdowns, repairs, and downtime.

  • Insulating fluid lab services: Accurate and controlled quality testing according to ASTM standards. Fluid analysis. Dissolved water content. Dissolved gas analysis. PCB content. Furan analysis, and more.
  • Thermography services: Tests to spot inefficiencies before they lead to power outages. Line inspections. Control panels. Motors and generators. Transformers (oil filled and dry type). Switches and panels.

Equipment maintenance while in operation

Spark Power can perform a variety of service tasks while equipment is energized and in use. That means zero downtime while protecting business productivity and profitability:

  • Thermographic (infrared inspections)
  • Insulating fluid analysis
  • Monthly inspections
  • Relay testing
  • Repairs as necessary

Lab testing services performed by Rondar

Rondar, a Spark Power company since 2014, is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario.

An innovator in developing advanced testing techniques and innovative solutions, Rondar specializes in delivering diagnostic services to medium and high voltage infrastructure.

This experience, combined with ISO accreditation (requirements ISO/IEC 17025) from the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) makes Rondar the leading choice for consistent, reliable, and precise testing.


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