Spark Power Corp., through Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions, provides renewable energy services to help your business access the wind and solar energy it needs to remain productive and sustainable.

As a responsible corporate citizen, your business has three objectives: increase productivity and profitability, smartly cut costs, and to lower its carbon footprint.

Renewable energy procurement enables you to accomplish those objectives with a variety of options tailor-made for your business needs.

Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Corporate PPAs are contracts between two parties: The generator/seller of power and the user/buyer of it. Instead of the traditional utility-customer relationship, PPAs typically connect independent power providers with customers.

Economic benefits

Fixed pricing between the buyer and seller allows for consistent payment and easy budgeting. At the same time, flexible contract options enable buyers and sellers to revisit the terms of their PPA on a seasonal or long-term basis.

With no changes to existing infrastructure, there are no installation, operation, and maintenance costs of specialized equipment to incur. PPAs also protect against the rising costs of carbon taxes.

Environmental benefits

Corporate PPAs help businesses meet their renewable energy goals and carbon reduction costs. In addition, they also ensure a consistent supply of green power from wind, solar, and other renewable sources.

Brand benefits

Position your company as a leader in environmental sustainability by demonstrating to customers, shareholders, investors, and employees your commitment to using clean, renewable energy.

Net metering

When users generate their own renewable energy, not all of it gets used. Without a place to store that unused power, it gets wasted. It’s lost and unusable.

The solution? Net metering. Net metering allows consumers who generate some or all of their renewable energy to use it anytime, rather than when it was generated. Any power that isn’t required is stored and available for future use.

With the Spark Power net metering program, extra energy not being used is fed back into the grid. As a result, you can receive credits from your local utility company against the energy you consumed.

Here’s how Spark Power can help you take advantage of net metering:

  • Analysis: We look at 12 months of electricity bills to understand how much power you’re using.
  • Development: We calculate what size system you need to meet your energy requirements.
  • Determination: We work with local officials to see if there is capacity in your area to connect net metering to the power grid.
  • Proposal: We produce a plan of action, including system details and a cost estimate, to bring your net metering project to life.
  • Installation: We install the system on your business location with an option for annual maintenance.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions, a Spark Power company, is Canada’s leading green energy provider.

By choosing Bullfrog Power’s green energy, or Renewable Energy Certificates, you can eliminate your organization’s emissions footprint and help displace energy from polluting sources on our energy systems.

Your organization also supports the development of new green energy projects in your local community and across Canada.

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate?

Whether power is generated from eco-friendly sources like wind and solar, or traditional ones like coal or natural gas, it all ends up on the same grid. And once it’s on the grid, there’s no way to tell where it came from.

A REC from Bullfrog Power proves that renewable energy was generated and injected into the grid on your behalf.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s being done for something as small as a computer or phone, or as large as your entire business operation. RECs enable you to claim that the electricity you use came from a renewable source with low or zero emissions.

How it works

It works as a matching system: Bullfrog looks at how much conventional energy a business uses, and then injects that same amount of energy into the energy system from a renewable source.

Bullfrog ensures the energy going onto the grid for your business is from renewable sources, displacing conventional energy on the grid. No operational changes to your business are needed—even leased or rented spaces can become “bullfrogpowered”!

Through a green energy partnership with Bullfrog, you reduce your organization’s environmental impact and take meaningful action against climate change and air pollution.

Benefits to the environment

  • Impact: A renewable energy agreement with Bullfrog Power allows you to address your energy-related emissions footprint and meet your carbon reduction goals. The bullfrogpowered community has cumulatively displaced more than 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 and provided critical funding to over 140 community-based renewable energy projects across Canada. Be part of a movement taking meaningful action to protect Canada’s environment.
  • Help bring new, community-based green energy projects online: When you purchase Bullfrog’s renewable energy, you also support community-based renewable energy programs across Canada. These projects become your projects and stories to tell. Engage your customers, staff and communities with inspiring stories about how you’re growing renewables across Canada.

Benefits to your business

  • Appeal to eco-conscious consumers: A commitment to renewable energy demonstrates environmental leadership, helping to differentiate your brand and set your products and services apart in the marketplace
  • Engage employees: Canadians want to work at companies that are purpose-driven and taking credible action on climate change. Bullfrog’s employee programming is designed to help engage employees and increase levels of satisfaction and retention.

Elevate your brand

Bullfrog Power is the only renewable energy company that provides award-winning marketing support that enables customers to optimize the brand Return on Investment of a renewable energy commitment.

Upon signing up for Bullfrog’s renewable energy, your organization has access to:

  • Customized marketing plans: PR, social media and internal/external communications strategies crafted for your target audience.
  • The bullfrogpowered mark: Leverage it on​-​pack ​and instantly ​let consumers know your product was made with 100% clean, pollution-free energy.
  • Bullfrog’s in-house marketing staff: Experienced communicators with unique expertise in environmental communications and deep affiliations with environmental groups.
  • Regular brand exposure: Get in front of Bullfrog’s community of more than 20,000 socially conscious consumers.

Proving your commitment

Bullfrog Power is trusted by global corporations and Canada’s environmental NGO community. With products that cover Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, Bullfrog provides a simple and scalable solution that can be a Corporate Social Responsibility starting point or an integral part of a Science Based Targets Initiative.

What makes Bullfrog’s renewable energy a credible environmental solution?

  • Audits: Every year, our customers’ renewable energy purchases are verified by Deloitte to ensure your renewable energy was produced and accurately counted and credited to your organization.
  • Regional sourcing: Our green electricity, green natural gas and green fuel supply is 100% Canadian. With Bullfrog, you are helping to green our country’s energy systems, and impacting our local air and water quality.
  • Accreditation: CDP has accredited Bullfrog Power as its first and only Canadian renewable energy partner. Bullfrog’s renewable energy meets the highest environmental standards, such as EcoLogo™ certification for renewable electricity. Promote that you are choosing the highest quality green energy.

Renewable Energy provided by Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions

Need more information about corporate PPAs and RECs? Want to see the difference going green can make to your business and the environment? Anything else you need to know, you’ll find it on the Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions website.


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