High, medium, and low voltage panels expertly designed and skillfully built to serve your business and operational needs.

Extensive selection of panels, junction boxes, and enclosures

From single, push-button stations to advanced multi-bay enclosures, you get the exact panel you need, on-time and on budget.

  • Panels: Single. Push-button. Multi-bay enclosures. PLC panels. Relay panels and more. Access an extensive selection of panels to get what you need on time and on budget.
  • Starters, systems, and stations: Motor starters and controls. Power factor correction systems. SCADA systems. Stop/Start stations.
  • Boxes and units: Junction termination boxes. Remote terminal units. Industrial PCs.

End-to-end support

Whether you’re a multi-national manufacturer or a local machine shop, Spark Power ensures all your panel and enclosure needs are met:

  • Design: Analyzing your specific requirements and presenting a schematic with key information such as functionality, input/output diagrams, back-of-panel layouts, and bill of materials.
  • Fabrication and testing: Your junction box is manufactured within our fabrication shop and testing for operational functionality and safety before it arrives to your location.
  • Installation: Your panel or enclosure is safety installed, integrated, and activated within your existing infrastructure. From there, ongoing support keeps everything operating smoothly
  • Training and documentation: We train your operators to properly and safely use the unit with documentation outlining BOM, terminal blocks, and layouts in CAD or EPLAN formats.

24/7 rapid response support

Should your panels and enclosures malfunction in any way, Spark Power will be there to minimize downtime and get them operational again, fast.

Panels and enclosures from New Electric and Sibro Technologies

As Spark Power companies, New Electric and Sibro Technologies specialize in custom industrial electrical panel fabrication across Canada.

New Electric (serving Eastern Canada/Ontario)

New Electric, a Spark Power company since 2017, is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, with offices across Canada and in the United States.


Sibro Technologies (serving Western Canada/Alberta)

Sibro Technologies, a Spark Power company since 2015, is headquartered in Okotoks, Alberta, and specializes in serving the utility, oil, gas, mining, forestry, and public sector industries.


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