At Spark Power, we can help you understand your energy consumption and provide you with an analysis to identify opportunities for savings.

Global Adjustment

Global adjustment charges can make up to 80% of your electricity bill. There are two categories of global adjustment charges: Class A or Class B. If you are eligible for Class A you can save up to 30% on your electricity costs. Keep in mind not everyone qualifies or benefits for Class A status.

Power Factor

Power factor is a measure of power quality and is used to ensure that you are using all of the electricity that you draw from the grid.

Bill Verification

Sometimes mistakes happen, especially when it comes to complex and fluctuating utility bills. This can add up to significant overpayments. We can help you identify opportunities for savings.

Peak Demand

Peak demand is the maximum electricity you draw within a month. You will likely find one hour that occurs at the same time every day, that is consistently higher than the rest of the day. We can help examine your hourly consumption data to look for spikes when peak consumption occurs.

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