At Spark Power, our team of experts provide you with equipment solutions to ensure your facility is running efficiently.

Our multi-tiered solution analyzes your electricity usage and peak consumption patterns to maximize your available savings potential.

  • Power factor correction
  • Lighting analysis and retrofits
  • Energy generation and storage implementation

Spark Power will audit your existing power systems and identify possible lags, losses, and strains affecting your facility and recommend appropriate solutions to improve your power factor and decrease associated costs.

You may also be eligible for a rebate, as many utilities offer incentives for energy retrofit projects. We will investigate your utilities’ compensation programs and complete any and all rebate applications on your behalf. We will survey your facility to assess optimum lighting solutions and deliver a detailed report, including specific savings figures and an accurate timeline to recover your return on investment.

Spark Power can assess the right behind-the-meter generation technologies that can significantly reduce your electricity costs, including global adjustment, and provide you with the added benefit of back up power. We can also help you reduce your risk of being left without a steady supply of electricity or heating which can lead to large cost savings, additional competitiveness and affordable heat to your facility.

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