Spark Power, through its Bullfrog Power Solutions subsidiary, is developing a Community Virtual Net Metering Program.

Introduction to Community Virtual Net Metering

After the success of Ontario’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program over the past few years, it has become apparent that the subsidized program is transitioning towards a more market-based solution. Traditional net metering has been one alternative in creating a sustainable renewable energy model, but this type of program has economic constraints and limitations in scale. Many people who wish to participate in the green energy economy are not able to do so as they do not have access to a suitable property for solar or cannot afford the up-front cost. 

What is Virtual Net Metering?

Virtual net metering is a billing arrangement that allows multiple homeowners or businesses to participate in the same net metered system and share the output from a single facility that is not physically connected to their property (or their meter). The electricity conveyed into the grid from the renewable energy project creates bill credits which can be used by one or more participating customers to offset charges on their electricity bills.

Spark Power’s Community Virtual Net Metering Program

Spark Power is developing a Community Virtual Net Metering Program as a sustainable platform for an affordable and scalable renewable energy model in partnership with utilities. The current legislation/regulation does not allow for Virtual Net Metering in Ontario however, the government has committed to investigating VNM via demonstration projects with the intent to administer a province-wide VNM program. Spark Power is actively involved with the Ministry of Energy and the Independent Electricity System Operator to ensure that VNM is part of the evolving energy sector in Ontario.

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