With the continued development of microgrid technologies, Spark Power, in partnership with various strategic partners, are working together on exciting new microgrid opportunities.

What is a Microgrid?

Microgrids work in the same way as traditional electricity distribution systems, but instead of delivering electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers at a time, they are scalable, servicing targeted geographic areas, remote locations or communities with more diverse supply needs. In addition to being customized, microgrids rely on a mix of clean and renewable sources of generation, located within close proximity to the local electricity distribution system and are able to connect to it at multiple points. Because they are modular and secure, microgrids can operate independently from the normal electricity system, as well as being able to store electricity from that system and feed it back in as required.

In the future, as microgrid technology becomes more prevalent, it is expected that microgrids will improve the security of larger electricity grids at a local or even regional level by helping to support these grids during major power failures. Management believes that microgrids will also ensure the reduction of the industry’s carbon footprint as more green and sustainable generation sources are brought online. As global energy systems shift towards increasing decentralization, microgrids have the potential to offer numerous benefits. These benefits include enhanced resiliency, provision of grid ancillary services, optimization of assets, customer self-sufficiency, options for more distributed operations, avoided cost opportunities and reduced carbon emissions through the integration of renewables. The analyst communities estimate that the global vendor revenue for microgrids may be as much as $20 billion annually by 2021. This represents potentially significant opportunities for investment in and export of Canada’s energy innovation in this space.

Currently, Spark Power is working with strategic partners to develop the following microgrid projects:

  • Pelee Island – Spark Power and its partners have been looking into the feasibility of a self-sustained fully integrated microgrid system with solar power on Pelee Island.
  • Brick Works – Spark Power, in partnership with Evergreen, are working together on the development of a solar power/energy storage microgrid project at the Evergreen Brick Works.

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