Spark Power works with leading industry partners to deliver integrated on-site power management solutions that improve your facilities power reliability and efficiency, while reducing peak demand and global adjustment costs.

Spark Power assists customers with understanding their power needs, Class A eligibility, and energy savings opportunities.  We offer full turnkey installation services which take individuals and businesses through the design, procurement, permitting, and installation phases of a fully integrated generator.

Combined Heat and Power

With rising costs and pressures on the electrical grid, combined heat and power (CHP) offers a sustainable and cost-effective approach to managing a facilities overall energy usage. CHP improves operational efficiencies by capturing and utilizing thermal energy that is created through electrical generation. This simultaneous power generation benefits all types of businesses, improving a facility’s on-site energy supplies and reducing overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the environment.

Battery Generation

With the continued improvement of energy storage technology,  battery energy storage systems play a significant role in energy solutions. Battery storage systems are practical assets to your facility. They are installed behind-the-meter, creating a backup supply for your equipment, ensuring that the flow of power to your facility is uninterrupted.  Benefits of on-site battery generation include access to peak shaving as well as a dependable backup  energy source that you can consume on demand.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators allow customers to access reliable, extended backup power for periods of blackouts, so their business can continue to run without interruption. Class A electricity customers can further take advantage of their generators by reducing their global adjustment costs on their electricity bills. Curtailing load by running the generator during peak hours decreases the demand drawn to their facility from the grid, significantly reducing energy costs with little or no disruption to the business. The versatility of natural gas-powered generators means they can be successfully installed in a wide variety of facility types and sizes, including industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities.

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