Engineering, maintenance, installation, and retrofit solutions specially designed for medium and high voltage systems where downtime is not an option.

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The story

Founded in 1998Pelikan has committed itself to achieving the highest standards possible of customer service and project quality.

This is reflected in their motto “First Time Right, Every Time Safe”as well as their skilled and experienced team of: Electrical service technicians, Engineers, Certified engineering technologists, and Well-trained tradespeople.

What Pelikan does 

From installation to maintenance, repairs to retrofits, and testing to engineering, Pelikan provides a full-range of services to meet all your power requirements: 

  • High voltage operations: Custom solutions for transformer testing and repairs. Testing, calibrating, and upgrading controls, meters, and cabling. Retrofits. System repairs and upgrades. Oil filtration, de-gasification, and more. 
  • Retrofits and replacements: Modernizing obsolete and end-of-life equipment to keep your operations running. Circuit breakers. Transformers. Switchboards and switchgear. Motor control centres. Panel boards and more.
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing: Ensuring your power systems and co-generation projects perform as planned. Specialty start-up. Functional tests. Point-to-point wiring checks. Setting protective devices to proper co-ordination values. 
  • Engineering services: Ensuring your power infrastructures operate at peak efficiency and cost-effectiveness. System evaluations. Harmonic and short-circuit analysis. System load flow studies. Power quality monitoring. Power factor studies, feasibility studies, line drawings, and more.

Joining Spark Power 

 In 2016, Spark Power acquired Pelikan Power Services. 

Pelikan’s experience of serving low, medium, and high voltage electrical systems complimented Spark Power’s desire to provide excellent service through advanced testing techniques and innovation solutions. 



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