Rondar delivers high-voltage contracting and management solutions to ensure your power systems operate safely and reliably.

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Rondar, a high voltage management contractor, is a leader in providing best-in-class high voltage management services. That way, all your power systems will operate safely and reliably.

The story

Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Rondar has been providing testing, repairs, and engineering services throughout Southern Ontario since 1970. From day one, it’s been Rondar’s belief that detailed analysis is the key to delivering proven, effective power systems.

On staff, you’ll find professional engineers, certified engineering technologists, and technicians fully trained and qualified to deliver the following commitments:

  • Dedication and excellence: Dynamic corporate structure allows us to complete all projects, regardless of size, on-time and on-budget.
  • Independent guidance: Rondar functions as an unbiased testing authority and remains unbiased regarding manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Adherence to safety: Everything we do follows industry standards and best practices when it comes to safety.
  • Comprehensive information: Detailed reports, recommendations, and tests ensures you have all the facts you need about your project.

What Rondar does

Rondar provides a wide range of on-site services to ensure your power systems are efficient and cost-effective:

  • High voltage management: Maintaining the reliability and efficiency of your high voltage assets. Substation maintenance. Transformer resting and repairs. Switchgear testing. Relay and meter testing and calibration. Electrical systems troubleshooting.
  • Active diagnostic and maintenance services: No need to schedule downtime. When your equipment is operating, we’ll insulated fluid analysis, and relay testing and repairs.
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing: Making certain your power systems perform according to spec. Specialty start-up and functional testing. Point-to-point wiring checks. Setting protective devices to their correct co-ordination values.
  • Engineering services: End-to-end engineering services. System evaluation. Power quality monitoring and analysis. Short circuit analysis. System load flow, power factors, and arc flash studies.
  • Thermography: Comprehensive thermographic inspections of distribution and transmission lines. Cables and cable terminations. Control panels, motors, generators, and more.

Joining Spark Power

In 2014, Spark Power acquired Rondar in order to offer a greater range of power services to the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Rondar’s experience and history of serving businesses enabled Spark Power to serve the people and companies who directly use – and rely on – power for sustained growth, success, and profitability.



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