Tal Trees are experts are engineering, building, and installing substations and pole lines to fit within your current power infrastructure. And once those elements are up and running, Tal Trees ensures they stay that way with ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs.

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The story

Founded in 1989, Tal Trees combines leading edge high voltage services with small-town community values.

And since then, Tal Trees has served Ontario’s renewable energy sector with a team of top-notch experts: Qualified engineers, Power line maintainers, Electricians (309A), Technicians, and Technologists.

What Tal Trees does

Tal Trees offers a full suite of pre- and post-project services; each of which can be customized to meet your unique needs:

Engineering services

  • Substation design: Equipment specifications. Layout design. Structure support. Ground grid design.
  • Soil studies: Grid design. Post installation verification.
  • Arc flash studies: Field data collection. Software simulation. Warning labels. CSA St. 46
  • Coordination studies: Identifying short circuit and equipment failure risks within your facility.

Construction services

  • Pole line construction: Designing, building, and maintaining pole lines for underground and overhead high-voltage systems. Post-installation maintenance includes live line checks and tension stringing.
  • Substation construction: Building and maintaining high and medium voltage substations and distribution systems up to 230 kV.

Power system maintenance

  • Low voltage/high voltage equipment: Transformer testing. Switch testing.
  • Oil sampling: DGA. ASTM. Trend analysis.
  • Thermography: Infrared scans. Corona.
  • Power factor studies: Capacity sizing. Installation.

Emergency response

Tal Trees is a North American leader in emergency response for the high voltage market. Our highly-trained emergency response team is ready for dispatch within minutes. We guarantee:

  • 60 minute technician response
  • 24/7/365 availability

Joining Spark Power

In 2016, Spark Power acquired Tal Trees in order to expand its service offering and geographical reach to the Belleville area.

With Tal Trees among its companies, Spark Power is able to deliver its mandate to provide quality engineering services and on-demand emergency response to customers throughout North America,

Tal Trees in action

In 2017, Florida was devastated by Hurricane Irma. In the aftermath, 4.4 million homes and 15 million people were without electricity.

Power restoration crews from all over North America headed to Florida to assist in any way possible. That included a team of eight lineman from Tal Trees.

Here are their stories:




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