Reduce Carbon Footprint

Generate, store, and manage energy right where you consume it.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Less reliance on the traditional grid gives you more control over your power

Distributed energy resources (DERs) from Spark Power deliver power that’s high quality, cost-efficient, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly.


Power sourcing

Understand your business, operational, and sustainability needs to identify and implement the best power generating solution. 


Battery storage

Save more money by shaving your peak electrical loads.



Ensure your business is self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Microgrids deliver constant, reliable power even when the main grid doesn’t. 

End-to-end DER service

From commissioning to installation, Spark Power takes your DER system from concept to completion. As a result, your business gets the optimal onsite power it needs.


Seamless integration of solar photovoltaics (PV) to your existing power infrastructure.  

Combined heat and power

Use thermal energy that’s already being created though electrical generation to better power your facility. 

Natural gas generators

Access reliable, extended backup power during blackouts and outages to keep your business up and running. 

Onsite battery storage

Use battery storage to lower peak demand and reduce your monthly global adjustment (GA) charges.

Spark Power provides engineering, procurement, and construction services, as well as operations and maintenance. We'll also tap into our network of trusted developers to find you the right partner.


What makes microgrids such an effective DER option is that if the main grid fails, they won’t. Microgrids operate separately from the main grid and deliver numerous business benefits.

Better power reliability 

Microgrids keep power flowing at a steady rate. This protects your workers and equipment during blackouts or other periods of power uncertainty on the grid. 

Improved power sustainability 

Clean, consistent energy from microgrids helps your business do its part to combat climate change for the long term.  

Lower power cost 

Microgrids save money by limiting the amount of energy consumed and reducing the distance power travels from source to customer.    


Generate your own renewable energy to meet your needs. An onsite solar project can help your company take control of its power procurement, demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, and save on power costs.

When you have excess power, you can feed it into the grid in exchange for energy credits. With net metering, you’ll save money on power even when the sun isn’t shining—without investing in batteries.

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