At Spark Power Corp., a safe and healthy workplace is everybody’s responsibility, regardless of position. With ongoing training and accountability, we’re committed to creating an incident-free workplace.

Five pillars of safety

Protection of employees from injury is a key objective at Spark Power and is delivered through the following avenues:

  • Leadership: Starting with the Spark Power leadership team and Board of Directors, all employees are committed to taking a proactive, progressive stance when it comes to safety.
  • Alignment: With more than 750 employees across North America, constant communication and education ensures everyone’s on the same page.
  • Integration: Before any safety initiative is implemented, we take the time to answer and explain when why it’s happening, how it’ll take place, and what the reasoning is.
  • Performance: Safety performance is measured daily. In fact, Spark Power undergoes approximately 6,000 safety inspections and 5,000 safety meetings and pre-job hazard assessments per year.
  • Corporate citizenship: Spark Power’s commitment to the communities we serve include operating in a safe and responsible manner.

24 hour safety management system

With technicians working across North America, in all conditions, day and night, keeping track of their safety is critical.

Spark Power uses an online system that centralizes all health and safety (H&S) components in a single location.

This technology is accessible to all employees and allows to track inspection reports, near-miss incidents, hazard assessments, documentation, accidents, and more.

We’re also enrolled in a variety of safety pre-qualifier initiatives. This enables our H&S initiatives to exceed legislative requirements and the demands of our customers. These initiatives include ISNetworld, Avetta, Contractor Compliance, and Veriforce.

Certificate of Recognition (COR™)

COR™ is a nationally recognized occupational health and safety (OHS) standard and allows employers to assess their own H&S management systems.

COR™ is aimed at driving positive workplace behavior and best practices that lead to improved performance.

Spark Power is proud to participate in COR™ certification (or recertification in the case for Orbis Engineering Field Services) in all our working provinces. Currently Orbis is certified and HV in the process of obtaining certification in mid-2019.

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