Inspections, service, and maintenance for your solar assets to deliver long-term performance and peace of mind.




We provide real-time data collection, ongoing maintenance, and on-demand emergency service to ensure that your solar assets are running at full power, performance, and profitability.


planned maintenance programs

Our team can ensure maximum long-term asset value at your facility with essential DC, medium voltage, and complete balance of plant (BOP) programs designed to optimize the performance of your installation.

Hard Hat

corrective maintenance services

We help you minimize downtime and restore operations to qualified faults as quickly as possible with Spark's responsive dispatch of dedicated in-house service teams to your location.


consulting services

We provide on-site project installation, inspection services, quality assurance and control checks to ensure peace of mind throughout your entire project. 


Inspections, service, and maintenance for your solar power generators to deliver long-term performance and peace of mind.

O&M Services

Project scoping, budgeting, planning, and scheduling services help your assets hit full production output for the long term.

Balance of Plant (BOP) services

Managing and executing BOP services including snow removal, vegetation management, and environmental monitoring requirements.

Substation maintenance

Comprehensive testing, transformer inspections, and oil and gas analysis requirements for solar projects of any scale. 

Emergency response and power recovery

On-site construction monitoring, regular inspections, and quality assurance / quality control checks to ensure your project stays on scope.

Inventory management

Following original equipment manufacturers (OEM) service programs by recommending spare parts, engineering for replacements, and sourcing components when required.


Information gathering and professional documentation and reports required for warranty claims.


Data Collection and Analysis

Identifying, implementing, and optimizing the most efficient SCADA solutions/DAS (data acquisition systems) that best meet your objectives.

Customized Data Dashboards

Receive regimented, predictable, easy-to-understand reports with proactive recommendations on how to improve the performance of your renewable energy assets.

Performance Analytics

Using SCADA, along with OEM design specs, to view past asset output data and establish proper performance benchmarks.


“We’ve been a client with Spark Power since 2018, and since the beginning, Spark has always been responsive, communicative, and knowledgeable. Their team talks through issues and helps us find appropriate solutions. Their responsiveness has made them a great partner in operations and maintenance for solar.”

-Brad Cochrane, O&M Manager Alberta Renewables, Capital Power


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