Emergency Response

When your production is down, the only thing that matters is restoring it quickly and safely.

Emergency Response

emergency electrical Support you can depend on

Emergency response from Spark Power delivers prompt service to control damage, minimize downtime, and mitigate lost revenue.


Rain or shine

Early morning, at night, or over the weekend. Whenever power failures occur, we’ll be there with the emergency service you need. 



Regardless of when you call, you will speak to a live service agent who can direct your call to a Spark Power technician who's ready to assist.


Repairs &

Prompt pole and powerline repair, along with temporary power restoration maintains production and minimizes downtime.

Relief coordination

Spark Power coordinates with other on-site utilities, work crews, and relief providers to offer the experience, solutions, and equipment your emergency demands:


Temporarily providing safe, reliable, consistent access to power until a more permanent solution is found. 


Repairing low to high voltage equipment: utility poles, powerlines, and substations, as well as renewable assets. 


Replacing damaged power systemsautomation and control units, panels, and other operational assets.

Weather-related emergency service

The technicians and engineers at Spark Power are trained and equipped to restore power to communities or businesses impacted by weather-related power disruptions.

  • Heavy snow and thick ice 
  • Flooding 
  • Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other wind damage 
  • Freezing rain and hail 
  • Wildfires 

Post-emergency maintenance 

Once your immediate power problems are solved, Spark Power offers ongoing maintenance services to keep equipment operational and protect against future emergencies.

Preventative maintenance 

Proactive maintenance and testing identifies issues that are at-risk of failure due to fatigue, age, or any other unforeseen emergency. 

Testing and inspections 

Infrared testing, visual inspections, and other scheduled checks ensure your power equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Power analysis and monitoring

Renewable asset monitoring and power management services give insight into the performance of your investments. 

Want More Info?

Read how Spark Power assisted with Hurricane Irma relief efforts or download our emergency response brochure.

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