Energy Storage

Enhance your power system and take your facility off the grid during periods of peak demand. Improve your resiliency and create considerable savings.

Energy Storage

Improve your resiliency and create considerable savings

 Battery energy storage solutions from Spark Power can enhance your power system and take your facility off the grid during periods of peak demand.

Award Medal

Experience Matters

Spark Power has a proven track record in battery energy storage systems, with over 100 MWh of projects built or in-progress. 



We provide complete, end-to-end solutions with a wide range of in-house capabilities, including engineering, installation, operation and maintenance services.


Where you need us to be

Our distributed branch model allows us to quickly and efficiently mobilize our dedicated technicians to your site at a moment's notice.

In-house Capabilities

Spark Power provides you with direct control over every stage of your project and removes interface risk with our full suite of services.


Complete technical and field engineering solutions, for all industries, from Microgrids to Distributed Energy Resources, adapted for your requirements and delivered on time and on budget.


We work with you to select the best equipment to meet your Operations and Maintenance strategy. Take advantage of Spark Power's longstanding supplier relationship and gain further insight into project costs and expected lead times.


Our technicians will install electrical equipment and systems of any size, scope, or complexity to the existing electrical infrastructure.

Network Monitoring

Identifying, implementing, and optimizing the most efficient SCADA / data acquisition system that best meets your objectives. Prevent electrical overcurrent, ground faults, arc flash, and unexpected voltage spikes with our comprehensive circuit protection services.

Planned Maintenance

Accredited maintenance for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment and tailored, scheduled service to avoid costly downtime and repairs.

Emergency Support

We coordinate with other on-site utilities, work crews, and relief providers to deliver the experience, solutions, and equipment your emergency demands, to deliver prompt service to quickly discharge power, control damage, and mitigate lost revenue.

Independent Service provider

As an unbiased service provider who offers complete electrical service support, we guide our customers to the right solutions that meet their unique business needs. Our expertise with all major OEM technologies provides the flexibility to adapt, reduce costs, and deliver offering solutions for any service your assets may require.

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