Spark Power Acquisitions

Find the Spark Power company with the specialized experience to handle all your power needs.

Industry experts AND Trusted partners

These acquired companies are the backbone of what we do and the solutions we provide.


Offering new, used, and hard-to-find medium and high voltage and equipment for all your business needs.

New Electric

Delivering end-to-end service for your electrical contracting, industrial automation, and control panel requirements.


Helping renewable asset managers with their operations and maintenance (O&M) needs to maximize performance while minimizing downtime.


Delivering field engineering and power system design services to fit the needs of your industry and facility.


Helping to keep your high voltage assets and power infrastructure in peak operating condition.


Keeping your high voltage power assets efficient and effective with ongoing maintenance and on-demand service.

Tal Trees

Enhancing your power infrastructure with pole line construction, maintenance, and emergency service.


Ensuring your medium and high voltage assets deliver the power you need through routine maintenance and emergency response services.