Wind Energy Services

Inspections, service, and maintenance for your wind power generators to deliver long-term performance and peace of mind.

Wind Energy Services

minimum downtime and maximum performance of your renewable energy assets

Whether you need quality assurance, on-site supervision or full-scope O&M, our team has the experience to deliver projects safely within budget and schedule.


Independent Service Provider

Spark Power's expertise with all major OEM technologies creates flexibility to adapt, reduce costs, and provide nearly any service your assets could require.


service & Support

From full-scope O&M to equipment repairs, our experienced technical teams are ready to quickly mobilize anywhere in North America.

Hard Hat

Our product is
our people

With over a decade of renewables experience, our teams possess a relentless focus on safety, quality, and professionalism.

experienced construction professionals

Add significant value and risk mitigation to your project, from construction to commissioning.

Owner's Engineering Services

Guarantee that your project is properly managed and controlled with scheduling, permits, and contractual relationships.

Construction Management

Coordination of all construction activities, including field inspections and sign offs to provide collaborative oversight for your project.


Before handing over to operations and maintenance, we test all aspects of the turbine and the electrical infrastructure, as well as inspection of routine civil engineering quality records.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that all equipment, materials,  components and systems comply with all contractual specifications, regulations and standards.

Operations & Maintenance

Spark Power will work with you to design an on-going, post-warranty, preventive maintenance plan to safely ensure the long-term operating availability of your turbines.

Comprehensive Inspections

Receive regimented, predictable, easy-to-understand reports with proactive recommendations on how to improve the performance of your renewable energy assets.

Turbine scheduled Maintenance

Minimize downtime and boost energy-capture efficiency with routine maintenance to minimize the degradation effects caused by leading-edge erosion and weather.

Operational Support

Our team of technicians and specialists are ready to deploy, for specific maintenance activities, such as service maintenance or major component replacements.

Uptower major component repair and replacement

Service with fewer or smaller cranes and minimize downtime of your wind assets by reducing the need to remove the generator from the turbine.

Substation maintenance

We provide complete substation maintenance services, including switchgear maintenance, transformer inspection and testing, for utility scale wind (and solar) projects, as well as for LDCs and private industry partners.

In-house exchange, sampling and analysis

Reduce friction and protect against corrosion and oxidation by routing exchanging the oil of your wind assets. Spark Power will collect before and after samples for internal baselines, as well as offer in-house oil collection and analysis services.



Dedicated monitoring, supported with comprehensive reports and recommendations, to
ensure maximum asset uptime and profitability.

Data Collection & Analysis

Identifying, implementing, and optimizing the most efficient SCADA solution/DAS (data acquisition system) that best meets your objectives.

Customized Data Dashboards

Receive regimented, predictable, easy-to-understand reports with proactive recommendations on how to improve the performance of your renewable energy assets.


Using SCADA, along with OEM design specs, to view past asset output data and establish proper performance benchmarks.

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