Engineering Services

Complete technical and field engineering solutions for all power systems and industrial applications.

Engineering Services


Tailored to your project, budgetary, and operational requirements.



Holistic solutions adapted for your requirements and delivered on time and on budget.

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Technical field services & SUPPORT

Whether it is a remote access mine or a downtown data center, we provide the onsite services you need.



Should your equipment malfunction, we will be there to minimize downtime and restore operations.

Engineering Services

Spark Power takes critical steps to guarantee that all elements of your project perform as expected.

  • DESIGN: Developing a functional, practical, and cost-effective system to handle all your power needs.
  • ANALYSIS: Identifying time - and money - saving opportunities to improve existing equipment before replacing old or obsolete components.
  • MODELING: Using simulation programs to preview performance and power reliability prior to manufacturing and installation.

Technical field services and installations

Spark Power takes the lead as your single point of contact to ensure everything is delivered within scope.

Advisory and guidance

Working with key stakeholders to develop solutions that protect, prolong, and maximize system performance and value.

Planning and supervision

Identifying project requirements and establishing schedules to deliver them on time and on budget.

Project management

Start-to-finish planning and execution of custom system installations or existing system retrofits.

Field service support

Onsite commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of systems, assemblies, structures, and machinery of all voltage classes and brands.

Construction field services

Planning, design, and construction to optimize plant operations and assist with information management.

Transformer services

Complete transformer lifecycle services from onsite commissioning to recycling or disposal

Equipment evaluation

Testing equipment effectiveness and making recommendations based on our findings and your needs.

Power factor testing

Evaluating the quality and integrity of your electrical equipment in order to detect problems without requiring an internal visual inspection.

Oil testing

Testing for color, viscosity, temperature, contamination, and other elements which impact oil performance.

Post-project service

Once your system is in place, Spark Power educates and works with your team to maximize productivity, facility uptime, and your return on investment.

  • TRAINING: Hands-on training for equipment maintenance, safety/switching, and protection and control.
  • DATA SUPPORT: Master data assistance for computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) programs including SAP, Ellipse, and Maximo.
  • MAINTENANCE PLANNING: Scoping routine work and scheduling shutdowns with minimal impact to production.

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Discover how Spark Power performed an extensive engineering study and provided recommendations for a leading Canadian university or download our engineering brochure.

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