Ensuring the long-term reliability, safety, and performance of all your systems.

Commissioning services from Spark Power Corp. tests and confirms that installed or retrofitted electrical equipment functions according to its design intent and your operational needs.

Why commissioning?

Thorough commissioning procedures are essential to the business and operational success. Have confidence knowing your electrical system will work as intended with rigorous testing.

  • Deficiency identification testing: Looking for installation and design correction requirements and contributing factors to any inconsistencies with start-up.
  • Operational error testing: Ensuring all wiring, programming, controls, and logic are installed and connected according to specifications.
  • Reliability testing: Performing ongoing system starts-and-stops to ensure consistent performance. Establishing baseline performance benchmarks for your system based on use-case scenarios, operating times, and more.
  • Safety inspections: Testing and comparing equipment to industry accepted standards. Identifying, documenting, and mitigating risks to operators and warranties.

Step-by-step commissioning

Spark Power uses a detailed commissioning process to better coordinate integrated electrical systems, reduce downtime, and improve operational knowledge.

  • Pre-design: We strive to understand your expectations and requirements for the electrical equipment to be installed.
  • Design: We incorporate your requirements into construction and commissioning/testing documents.
  • Build: As we assemble and install your electrical systems, we test in the shop and in the field, to ensure individual components operate as intended.
  • Commissioning: Installed equipment and systems are tested and verified in accordance with design intent operational requirements. Elements are tested individually and as an integrated system.

Commissioning services from the Spark Power group of companies

The following Spark Power companies offer comprehensive high voltage commissioning services: Tiltran, Orbis Engineering, Tal Trees, Rondar, and Pelikan.