Ensure maximum asset uptime, performance, and profitability.

Never be left in the dark regarding how your wind, solar, and renewable energy assets are performing with daily monitoring and maintenance operations.

SCADA monitoring

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) provides data communications and visual interfaces for remote and on-site monitoring and reporting. Benefits include:

  • Daily monitoring
  • Management and scheduling of all maintenance obligations
  • Dispatch of service and maintenance work
  • On-time order management and reconciliation

Customized performance monitoring

Tailored performance monitoring meets the unique needs of your business and its wind and solar assets:

  • Extend asset lifespan and maximize productivity
  • Identify, track, and proactively manage small issues
  • Receive budgetary support for possible future repairs
  • Plan minor and major service maintenance

24/7 asset monitoring

Full time monitoring from Spark Power Corp. alerts and dispatches technicians in real-time. The sooner we can arrive on site, the sooner we can correct the problem with:

  • On-demand service: Prompt response to critical alarms or diagnostic issues requiring immediate repair or replacement.
  • Planned maintenance: Scheduled service to identify, track, and proactively manage small issues based on past performance data.
  • Minor and major service maintenance: Integrating asset monitoring and technician dispatching, deliver efficient and cost-effective maintenance to meet your needs.

Monitoring and analysis delivered by Northwind

Northwind, a Spark Power company since 2013, is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario with offices across the province. With over 600MW of solar and wind assets under management, Northwind ensures each one is monitored constantly and analyzed thoroughly. This experience and commitment to quality ensures your renewable, wind, and solar assets will provide peak performance and reliability for the long-term.



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