An ongoing, end-to-end process to eliminate wasted power and dollars through technology and expertise.

Power is a significant component of business cost and overhead. It’s also one that’s difficult to manage and control. Until today. more importantly it was one that was difficult to influence until today

Power management from Spark Power Corp. provides insight through constant data collection, analysis, mitigation tactics, and monitoring.

Data collection

  • Detailed audits: Identify lags, losses, and strains within key systems using digitally connected sensors, voltage data, dollars spent on power consumption, and overall MWh used.
  • Pattern establishment: Building up a comprehensive model of energy consumption patterns and performing analysis to identify ways to reduce power usage and save money.

Data analysis

Your electricity data holds the key to significant cost-saving opportunities for your business. Spark Power unlocks that information in a variety of ways:

  • Load analysis: Ensuring your electrical system is properly balanced with the correct voltage, current flow, and consumption rate.
  • Power quality analysis: Confirming the supply voltage and continuation of service of the power your facility uses.
  • Billing structure analysis: Understanding how your electricity bills are calculated in relation to power consumption and monthly budgets.
  • Energy efficiency auditing: Identifying and prioritizing opportunities for energy improvement based on your facility and business needs.

Strategy implementation

Once your energy data is analyzed, Spark Power will provide recommendations to help you waste less power and improve overall efficiency.

  • Power equipment replacement: Upgrading old, ineffective equipment like transformers, switchgear, panels, and generators to newer models will help your business increase productivity and lower operating costs.
  • Power factor correction: Helping you use the maximum level of electricity you draw from the grid. Any factor lower than 90% is subject to penalties. Power factor correction can help reduce energy charges by improving lagging, straining, and loss-issues throughout your facility.

Ongoing monitoring

After your power management strategies are in place, Spark Power continues to monitor their effectiveness.

This enables us to adjust your program as necessary, provide predictive insight into potential equipment failure, and identify more opportunities for you to save money and energy.

Power management is not a start-and-end process. Rather, it’s a consistent 24/7 process to ensure you’re using—and paying for—the right amount of power you need.

Power management services delivered by Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions

Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company since 2018, has revolutionized the way businesses incorporate green energy into their operations.

Through ongoing power management, Bullfrog Power has made it easy for businesses to see where their renewable energy comes from and the positive impact it has on the environment.

Power management also enables bullfrogpowered companies to make proactive changes in how they operate on a day-to-day basis.


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