Alberta Energy Savings Grant for Business

Is your project eligible for grant funding?

    By working with Spark Power, you may qualify for the Alberta Energy Savings Grant for Business.

    As an eligible contractor, Spark can help your Alberta-based small or medium-sized business apply for the Government of Alberta’s $55 million grant. This funding is dedicated to helping businesses reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, and grow their operations.

What’s included in the incentive?

    This grant covers a range of services. These include:

      • Onsite generation
      • Solar PV
      • Lighting solutions
      • Lighting controls
      • Motors and drives

    A complete list of measures and incentives can be found here.

How do i apply?

    A range of businesses can apply for funding, including manufacturing operations, businesses within the agricultural sector, food and beverage, warehouses, energy providers, forestry, waste management, and non-profits and charities. Find more information here.

    Once you review the Program Guidebook and register, Spark can help you apply for the Alberta Energy Savings Grant for Business. Check out the full application process at:

Why choose Spark?

    As a leading independent provider of power services in North America, Spark has highly skilled and dedicated people in branches throughout Alberta. With our combined knowledge of the power industry, technology expertise, and commitment to safety, we have diverse experience across multiple industries that will keep your operations up and running and better equipped for tomorrow.

Did you know Bullfrog Power is the sustainability division for Spark Power?

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