Helping renewable asset managers with their operations and maintenance (O&M) needs to maximize performance while minimizing downtime.


Wind and solar O&M solutions to deliver profitability, productivity, and peace of mind

Well-executed wind and solar O&M is essential for sustained clean energy generation and long-term return on investment (ROI). Data, service, and support are key to maximizing these benefits.


Established in 2004, Northwind has been at the forefront of innovative wind and solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Throughout Canada and the US, Northwind technicians have partnered with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), developers, owners and O&M managers to minimize downtime and maximize asset performance for the long term.

Northwind’s very first project was to provide construction management services for a single wind farm in Manitoba. Northwind has experience in delivering service to over 75 wind farms. Northwind also provides O&M services for over 1200 sites and 650+ MW of solar assets across Ontario.


Spark Power got its start developing community-based solar solutions as Spark Power. To further the company’s commitment to clean, sustainable energy, Spark Power acquired Northwind in 2013.

Since shortly after its inception, Northwind has been a recognized wind and solar O&M services leader across North America. That’s why Northwind is playing an important role in Spark Power’s US expansion strategy. In 2018, Spark Power opened its first location in Minnesota under the Northwind banner. 

Brand Integration

To provide unity and clarity in the marketplace and to strengthen our ability to better serve you —our customer— spark’s technical service brands including Northwind, have been integrated to become one common brand—Spark Power.

This update is a reflection of our larger company-wide commitment to be your Trusted Partner in Power™—providing the same great people and even more services—all under one brand, Spark Power.


Solar Power Solutions

24/7 data collection and analysis of your solar assets to get the most power, performance, and profitability from your solar assets
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Wind Energy Services

Inspections, service, and maintenance for your wind power generators to deliver long-term performance and peace of mind.
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Energy Storage

Enhance your power system and take your facility off the grid during periods of peak demand. Improve your resiliency and create considerable savings.
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EV Infrastructure

Turnkey installation, project management, and maintenance services for your EV infrastructure project.

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