Ensuring your equipment is programmed, configured, and upgraded according to your needs. And backing it all with 24/7 rapid response support.

Whether you need to install new machinery, repurpose existing machinery, or optimize your current investment, customized automation and control services can help you meet those needs.

Services designed to increase productivity and profitability

System reliability and repeatability are crucial to your business success. Spark Power Corp. offers a full-suite of solutions and software that positively impacts production:

  • Design: Building control panels, control systems, and electrical engineering systems based on your specifications.
  • Programming: Extensive programming solutions for flowcharts, motion control designs, and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Custom logic programming and development for unique requirements.
  • Systems: Commissioning OEM systems, drives and drive systems. Upgrades and retrofit services for obsolete or ineffective systems.
  • Installation: Precision installation of assembler codes, human machine interfaces (HMI). Startup services including ladder logic and turn key installation gets your equipment up and running quickly.
  • Software: Coding and installing brand-compatible system software for Adept, Bosch, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and more.

24/7 emergency response

A malfunctioning automation and control element places your entire operation at risk for lost time and revenue. Spark Power gets things moving again with prompt emergency service:

  • Reprogramming: Restoring operational control to stand-alone systems or networked interfaces.
  • Power restoration: Quickly identifying and resolving the source of your on-site or off-site power disruption.
  • Parts replacement: Replacing damaged or worn out parts, including screens, switches, buttons, keypads, and more.

Better performance, lower cost of ownership

Spark Power automation and control solutions are designed to meet your needs today and robust enough to grow and adapt with your business.

That’s because our programmers stay current with the latest technologies and techniques of brands like ABB, Bosch, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and more.

Automation and control services delivered by New Electric

New Electric, a Spark Power company since 2017, is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario and features locations across Canada and the United States.

When your automation and control needs are optimized, your business is positioned for maximum success and profitability.

That’s why New Electric works with you to make the right decisions for your project, budget, and timelines.


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