Accelerating Freshwater and Climate Solutions: Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures, RBC Foundation, Bullfrog Power and WWF-Canada announce 2020 Earth Tech Cohort

Accelerating Freshwater and Climate Solutions: Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures, RBC Foundation, Bullfrog Power and WWF-Canada announce 2020 Earth Tech Cohort

New Earth Tech accelerator announces first cohort of 16 startups and nonprofits advancing freshwater and climate solutions

TORONTO, Jan 27, 2020 — Climate change and other ecological pressures are threatening Canadian communities and ecosystems. Solving these issues will require both human effort and technological advancements.

The Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures aims to facilitate tech-based solutions to climate and freshwater challenges with Earth Tech, a six-month accelerator running annually over the next three years, for startups and nonprofits working on tech that can positively impact Canada’s communities and ecosystems.

“CSI’s Climate Ventures is helping to build the next economy – one that is just, carbon neutral, circular, and regenerative,” said Tonya Surman, CEO of CSI.  “We’re proud to support the entrepreneurs and innovators working on the technology solutions that will play an important role in enabling this transformation for people and planet.”

With support from the RBC Foundation, Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power Company, and Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB), plus expert advising from WWF-Canada, this program will help startups and nonprofits validate their solutions, advance their Technology Readiness Levels, grow their revenues, and create meaningful impact.

“Sponsoring community-based environmental initiatives has always been a crucial part of Bullfrog Power’s identity,” said Sean Drygas, President, Bullfrog Power. “With Earth Tech, we’re excited to support cutting-edge, scalable initiatives with the potential to help all Canadians by fighting climate change and protecting freshwater sources.”

Earth Tech participants will receive access to the Centre for Social Innovation’s facilities, an advisor network, one-to-one coaching from seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, training, and mentorship from experts at RBC, Bullfrog Power, and WWF-Canada.

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time,” said Valerie Chort, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC Foundation. “We are committed to bringing the power of innovative technologies to address and scale solutions to some of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.”

“Safeguarding Canada’s watersheds is critical for the wellbeing of wildlife and communities and we’re excited to see how our award recipients will be tackling these issues with their innovative technological tools and bring to life some great solutions for freshwater health,” said Elizabeth Hendriks, VP of Freshwater Conservation, WWF-Canada.

The 16 participants in the 2020 Earth Tech cohort are divided into freshwater and climate streams.

The 2020 climate ventures are: Project Neutral, Springbay Studio Ltd., Dunya Habitats, CERT, Flash Forest Inc., Innovia GEO Corp., Just Vertical, Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives (SWRI) Ltd., and Volta Technique.

The 2020 freshwater ventures are: Biopolynet Inc., RainStick Shower, CANN Forecast, Clean Nature, SENTRY, Water Rangers, and EAIGLE.

The Earth Tech program will culminate with an opportunity for participants to pitch to investors and funders at a Pitch Night in June, 2020. During previous Centre for Social Innovation climate programs, participating early-stage enterprises earned and raised over $22M while supporting 260 jobs.

More information on the program and cohort can be found on Earth Tech’s website:

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