People of Spark: Cody Sullivan

People of Spark: Cody Sullivan


At Spark Power, we firmly believe that our talented and passionate employees are what make our organization so special. This series will highlight one individual per month, showcasing the personality and professionalism of Spark. Meet Cody Sullivan, Project Manager for our Eastern Canada High Voltage Team.


  • What is a project you have worked on that stands out to you?
    Having the privilege to participate in storm restoration across borders has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people who are living under stressful circumstances. This type of work stands out to me as it is not only challenging, but extremely rewarding.


  • To you, what makes a good team member?
    Someone who displays eagerness to collaborate, work safely, and wholly invests themselves in the task at hand is, in my opinion, an exemplary team member.


  • What do you enjoy most about working at Spark and with your team?
    Working at Spark has been an eye-opening experience thus far, to say the least. Spark has allowed me to realize that I am able to put my mind to work beyond the duties of a lineman, by providing me with the opportunity and tools to successfully bring the ideas of myself and my co-workers to the drawing board. The opportunities at Spark are endless and it is the team of individuals that provide new opportunities for learning and mentoring that make this possible. Not to mention, I have gained a few of my closest friends working for Spark.