People of Spark: Mitch Adams

People of Spark: Mitch Adams

Mitch A


At Spark Power, we firmly believe that our talented and passionate employees are what make our organization so special. This series will highlight one individual per month, showcasing the personality and professionalism of Spark. Meet Mitch Adams, Journeyman Lineman.

What is a project you have worked on that stands out to you?
There is no one project that stands out to me because the trade is so versatile and opportunities are endless. However, the opportunity that Spark provides to work on projects alongside other high voltage contractors and utilities has allowed for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and tricks of the trade with so many other linemen and has helped me progress to where I am today.

To you, what makes a good team member?
A good team member is someone who is committed to ensuring that everyone succeeds in all tasks, duties, and projects. Being able to rely on your coworkers and have good communication goes along way.

What do you enjoy most about working at Spark Power?
Working at Spark Power has given me more opportunities than I ever imagined. The projects are versatile, and every day is different, ranging from the tasks to the environments and places. Spark has really allowed me to expand my horizons and challenge myself, both mentally and physically.