Rondar Turns 45!

Morgan Cowl is pleased to recognize the Company’s 45th anniversary.

Rondar Turns 45!

Morgan Cowl, President of Hamilton-based Canadian power specialists, Rondar Inc. is pleased to recognize the Company’s 45th (sapphire) anniversary this month.

Rondar, with offices in Hamilton, Toronto, and Kitchener is a Canadian leader in the power reliability services sector. The company provides high voltage management, power on services, commission and acceptance testing, engineering and thermography services for the Canadian commercial, industrial, institutional, and government markets.

“When Rondar launched in 1970, life for Canadians was different than today,” said Cowl. “The explosion of technologies such as personal computers, the internet, and mobile and cellular communications changed life for us all at home, work, and play,” he added.

According to Cowl, Rondar and its customers; those who (i) build, manage and maintain Canada’s power infrastructure and (ii) its ‘power user’ customers; such as manufacturers, data centres, and institutional and commercial users; have also seen significant changes. In particular, he notes changes in how these groups constituents have consumed power over the past four and a half decades.

Cowl believes that continuous increases in consumer demand in combination with technological advances in the generation, transportation, and distribution of electricity have kept the industry in perennial growth and constant fluctuation.

“Most of the major changes in our lifestyle in the last forty-five years have in some way also required new and expanded needs for the power industry and large users have worked to keep up to meet demand,” said Cowl. “When Rondar began, nuclear power was just a toddler in Canada but that technological change has been constant right through to the more recent arrival of commercial scale wind and solar energy,”

“Technological advances and innovation have also helped to increase the efficiency, safety, and reliability of power and helped to mitigate environmental impacts. It is exciting that the Rondar team has played a part in this story through this thriving period,” Cowl continued.

According to Jason Sparaga, Co-CEO of Spark Power Corp, a Canadian leader in power and renewable energy who acquired Spark last year, the key to Rondar’s success and longevity was evident during due diligence.

“When we were looking to expand our maintenance and operations business outside renewable energy, we were introduced to this quiet, little company named Rondar,” said Sparaga. “They were doing huge things in high voltage power and had a loyal customer base of huge companies”.

“When we spoke to customers, they talked repeatedly about the quality of Rondar’s technicians and Rondar’s reputation for quality work. Our decision was a no-brainer and due diligence was done after a handful of calls. Rondar is absolutely one of North America’s premier power systems service providers and we’re proud to be a recent part of this great story,” he added.