Spark completes transformer replacement at Toronto-based hospital


Spark completes transformer replacement at Toronto-based hospital

Spark Power recently completed the replacement of a 1,500 kVA chiller transformer, rated 13.8kv to 4.16kv at a Toronto-based hospital. Spark was contacted to investigate the failure, caused by ingress of water, and provide repairs. During this assessment, it became apparent that the transformer would have to be replaced.

“Spark, through its acquired legacy brand Rondar, has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with this client,” says Ian Lawrie, Project Manager at Spark. “As a result, we were contacted immediately to respond to the failure. Our quick response and ability to innovate enabled us to secure this work,” he said.

During the 15 years following the transformer’s original installation, the mechanical room became congested with large water pipes and new walls had been constructed that limited egress to oversized man doors. The Spark team was required to de-manufacture the old three-phase transformer to remove it. A new transformer was ordered as three single phase units that were assembled into a three-phase bank.

Another project challenge was that the electrical code had changed over the past 15 years. This meant that the overall design of the new transformer required an update that included altering the shape and dimensions of the transformer. As a result, we had to extend the concrete pad beneath it.

A heavy equipment moving company was also contracted to move each piece of the new transformer, approximately 4,000 lbs per piece, into the building with hydraulic lifts.

The Spark team delivered this project on time, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and electrified the transformer in April 2021. With access to equipment through our equipment division (Lizco), we were able to procure cost-effective, timely solutions.

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