Two-Time Stanley Cup Champion Adam Graves Turns Spark Power Office Assistant

Two-Time Stanley Cup Champion Adam Graves Turns Spark Power Office Assistant

Power Executives and NHL Alumni Team Up For 2nd Annual Prostate Cancer Canada Fundraiser And Parody
YouTube Video “The Ringer

In addition to raising funds, a unique fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Canada put two-time Stanley Cup champion, Adam Graves in a position he has yet to master; that of Spark Power ‘office assistant’ in the event’s accompanying parody YouTube video.

The Spark Power Play Challenge, an event  founded and sponsored by Spark Power, brings together power industry executives to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Canada through an annual hockey game.

The Challenge, billed as ‘the on-ice rekindling of the historical rivalry between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power’, added a new twist this time when Spark Power came up with a plan to pair senior executives from the power and energy industry sector with NHL alumni who included; Adam Graves, Tom Fergus, Mike Pelyk, Mark Napier, Bill Derlago, Rick Vaive and Dan Daoust.


“We worked up a model with Prostate Cancer Canada to let the super fans from our industry play alongside their hockey heroes by making a significant donation to prostate cancer. It was a huge hit,” said Andrew Clark, Co-CEO of Spark Power, and Team Captain of the AC Shockers. “It had the energy of a One Direction concert when the NHL Alumni walked into the dressing rooms,” he added.

“I’ve never heard grown men shriek before,” Clark continued.

The event raised a significant amount for Prostate Cancer Canada through both individual donations and corporate sponsorships from leaders in the sector including; Endura Energy, Fritzall, Great Circle Solar, Kiewit Canada Northwind Solutions, PCL Construction and Rondar Inc.

“The power and infrastructure industry skews male, so raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer prevention makes sense,” said Jason Sparaga, Co-Founder of Spark Power and Captain of the DC Chargers, “Rocco Rossi and the people at Prostate Cancer Canada are great partners and we are fortunate to have teamed up with them”.

Spark Power introduced a video parody companion to the Spark Power Play Challenge during their inaugural event, last year based on  “War of Currents” rivalry between Tesla and Edison and it was so well-received in the industry that Clark and Sparaga sought to do something even better.

graves collage

“When we asked the NHL alumni to help out, they were awesome,” said Sparaga. “They were incredibly helpful, funny and may have missed their calling by going ‘hockey’, not ‘Hollywood’,” he added.

“The event and the video were fun and raised a lot of money for prostate cancer prevention.  We are definitely doing this event again but even bigger and better,” said Sparaga.

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