U.S. Operations Update

U.S. Operations Update

This past year, Spark Power shifted the management of its U.S. Operations from a “start-up” model to a more appropriate “operational run” model. Cody Zaitsoff, Executive Vice President of U.S. and Western Canada, is leading this transition along with Tim Adams, Director of Operations for the U.S. With this new leadership, the Company is aiming to solidify its regional presence and fully integrate a more field-focused operating style.

Spark opened its first U.S. branches in 2018 in Fresno and Fremont, California, through an acquisition. Since that time, the Company’s U.S. operations have grown from coast to coast, and currently include locations in North Carolina, Minnesota and Texas. Most of these offices offer a full suite of electrical and power services, including medium voltage and testing as well as renewable and sustainability offerings.

New branch expansions are planned in Bakersfield, California and Houston, Texas and will be a key focus of the 2021 operating plan. Bakersfield has already commenced work in their local market and Houston has been awarded their first substantial job to begin in March of this year. These new jobs are key milestone in establishing physical branches in the upcoming year.

“We have a great team from coast to coast, and, together with Tim Adams, I look forward to further integrating Spark’s Field-Focused Operating Model into our U.S. teams. This Model puts our field operations and technicians first, and continues to ensure our customers’ needs are prioritized,” says Cody Zaitsoff, Spark’s Executive Vice President for the U.S. & Western Canada. “I’m excited about this next chapter with Spark and look forward to sharing some great learnings and wins from our work in Western Canada with our U.S. counterparts,” he says.