Trusted Partner in Power

We gain deep knowledge and understanding of our customers’ plants through frequent engagement to provide an understanding of markets, opportunities, incentives, and we understand commercial viability of technology solutions and options, and we have the capability to deliver what we recommend.

Power in Partnerships

At Spark Poewr, we work hard to earn the right to be your Trusteted Partner in Power™.

We strive to understand your business and electrical and power needs, ensuring you are up and running today and best equipped for tomorrow. We bring three pillars of capabilities:



Our teams can implement what we recommend, ensuring your equipment and solutions work now and in the long term.



We invest the time to understand trends in electricity and government programs, including the opportunities and incentives they can offer your business.



We take the time to assess and understand evolving technologies so that we can make smart recommendations that suit your needs.

Why partner with Spark Power?

As your Trusted Partner in Power™, the best interests of your business comes first. No transaction is more important than our long-term relationships with customers.

We are Independent 

  • As an unbiased service provider, we guide our customers to the right solutions to meet their business needs.
  • We provide complete support for all your electrical and automation requirements – from Pole-to-Product
  • We invest in long-term customer relationships.

We are Local

  • We live in your communities, providing responsive service when and where it’s needed. ​
  • Our customers receive consistent service across their facilities, supported by local technical relationships and continent-wide resourcing and expertise.
  • Our highly trained technical teams provide consistent and committed services, with clear internal communication between all departments.

We have Scale

  • Our award-winning Health & Safety programs ensure that every site and worker is safe.
  • We have the flexibility and responsiveness to support your most demanding projects, regardless of complexity, resourcing requirements, or urgency.
  • You can rely on us to suggest the right ideas and solutions, now and in the future. We earn that trust through our deep understanding of power markets, government incentives, state-of-the-art technologies, and emerging sustainability business models.

Whether it’s guidance on how to better manage your power, installation of complex process and automation equipment, emergency electrical support in the middle of the night, providing routine maintenance, or delivering renewable O&M service, Spark Power aims to be your first and only call for all your power needs.

Balancing Power Priorities

Our customers tell us that they have four power priorities, something we call the Customer Diamond. We work to bring the right solutions to balance these four power priorities.


Controlling the sensitivity between the cost of power and its impact to your bottom line.


Developing pragmatic approaches to reducing environmental impact, while saving money.

Customer Diamond (1)


Ensuring your power is there when you need it.


Protecting equipment and processes from voltage drops, harmonic distortion, poor power factor, and other power quality issues.