Distributed energy resources provide economical, on-demand, and environmentally friendly power for your business.

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are power sources such as wind and solar that are deployed near the end-user instead of where it’s generated (like a traditional utility). This reduces your reliance on the grid and provide more choice regarding where your power comes from.

At the same time, DERs delivers the high-quality, reliable electricity your business needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

On-site DER system design, modelling, and installation

Based on your business needs and infrastructure, along with any local regulations, Spark Power Corp. handles all aspects of bringing your DER system online:

  • Commissioning: Designing, building, and start-up assistance with your DER system.
  • Installation: Ensuring the right DER system for your needs—whether it’s a prefabricated substation, remote instrumentation building, metering system, or ground fault system—is seamlessly incorporated into your existing infrastructure.

Power generation

Through ongoing communication and collaboration, we’ll work with you to identify the best on-site power generation option for your needs:

  • On-site solar and wind: Integrating and connecting solar photovoltaics and/or wind turbines to your existing power infrastructure.
  • Combined heat & power: Capture the thermal energy already being created through electrical generation and use it to power your facility.
  • Natural gas generators: If the main grid is down, your business won’t be. Enjoy reliable, extended backup power during blackout periods to maintain productivity without interruption.

Battery storage

Behind-the-meter (BTM) systems are designed, built, and installed on-site for a single building or facility.

On-site battery storage systems are installed BTM and ensure a steady supply of backup power for your equipment. Other benefits include:

  • Peak-shaving: Battery storage can help you lower peak demand and reduce your monthly global adjustment (GA) charges.
  • Energy on demand: Instant access to energy whenever you need it keeps your business powered and productive.
  • Low-cost power generation: Keep more money in your pocket by being responsible for your own energy generation, in addition to its consumption.
  • Extra source of revenue: Battery storage can be a revenue generator via the ancillary services market.


Just as its name implies, microgrids are smaller, scalable versions of the traditional grid. Instead of delivering electricity to thousands of customers at once, they service specific, targeted areas.

What makes microgrids such an effective DER option is that, should the main grid go down, they won’t.

That’s because microgrids are modular and secure. They can work in conjunction with the grid, or independent from it.

Spark Power has had the privilege of working on two significant microgrid projects.

  • Pelee Island: Creating a self-sustained, fully integrated microgrid with solar power on Pelee Island, the most southern inhabited location in Canada. Read the case study now.
  • Evergreen Brick Works: In partnership with Evergreen Brick Works, Spark Power is developing a solar power/energy storage microgrid project at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, ON. Read the case study now.

Other DER solutions

In addition to the solutions listed above, there are other options which may be suitable for your business and energy needs.

  • Electric vehicle charging solutions: Installing and maintaining level 2 and 3 chargers to support customers and employees who drive electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Peak prediction services: Helping businesses save money on their energy bills through accurate predicting of the five peak hours of electricity demand per year.

DER systems provided by Bullfrog Power Sustainability Solutions

Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company since 2018, has transformed how Canadian businesses access and use green energy.

Through initiatives like DER systems, bullfrogpowered companies have been able to remain productive and profitable while meeting and exceeding their sustainability targets.


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