Spark Power works with local and international industrial, commercial, and institutional customers and utilities to restore power after weather-related outages.

The changing climate and increase in natural weather-related incidences across Canada and the U.S. has led to a growing number of power outages, negatively impacting communities. Spark Power co-ordinates with other utilities and service providers to support weather-related relief in North America, allowing for multiple resources to be available to restore power whenever and wherever needed.

Our team of experienced and trained personnel are equipped to provide best-in-class service in storm restoration efforts, lending mutual aid and building strong relationships and rapport with the utilities and ICI customers we work with. 


Spark Power partners with utility providers to repair poles and lines so that power can be restored to areas affected by extreme weather and other natural causes across Canada and the U.S.

ICI Customers

Spark works with our industrial, commercial, and institutional customers to repair poles and lines, providing temporary power when required to maintain production and avoid unplanned downtime.

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