Construction Services

Small to large-scale installation of electrical and power systems.

Construction Services

Ensuring quality installation, avoiding conflicts and solving problems before we even get to the field.

Designing, building and maintaining electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and retail construction.

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With advanced design/build capability, Spark Power is equipped to manage your project from planning, construction and post-construction phases.



Our in-house CAD department provides the flexibility to design and quote jobs quickly and accurately, allowing your project to be completed on schedule.



Our dedicated, experienced contractors, estimators, and project managers will manage all of your electrical system needs, throughout your entire project.


Understanding system application requirements to deliver your project, on time, on budget, and safely.


Complete system development from programming to engineering and equipment sourcing to machine wiring. 


Certification of Recognition (COR), ISNetWorld, and professional engineers construct your system with quality and precision.


Seamlessly integrating your new system with existing infrastructure to get you up and running quickly.


Once your system is in place, Spark Power consults, trains, and educates personnel on best practices for in-house maintenance.


A successful construction project is the result of a complete team effort. Project managers and foremen pool their collective efforts to coordinate design, estimate, process, and procurement with the installation in the field maximizing productivity. This approach not only enhances profitability, but helps assure the project is completed on-time and on-budget.


The planning, scheduling of the installation is key if satisfactory results are going to be achieved. Spark Power suggests close coordination between the Owner, Architect, Engineers, General Contractor and any Electrical Subcontractors.


Our management experience and our technical expertise is second to none. Our staff continually updates their knowledge by attending seminars and trade expositions to stay abreast of the latest developments in project design, management and technology.


The right tools, competencies, and installation capabilities to deliver your project, on time, on budget, and safely.

Directional Boring

We provide point-to-point conduit and wire installation for areas of work that do not allow easy access or for areas in which digging is not desired. We use directional boring for installation of electrical, voice and data conduits

Underground Cable Locating

Comprehensive indoor and outdoor locates from our technicians use various active, passive and inductive locate methods to physically locate the horizontal location of private detectable buried utilities.

LEED & Sustainability

Many projects target certain levels of LEED or sustainability. Recognizing the importance of these initiatives, Spark Power will ensure successful compliance for any number of required LEED, Green Globe, or Power Smart projects’ targeted ratings.  


Our thorough attention to planning, coordination and details create customized project plans that avoid conflicts and solve design problems before we even get to the field, ensuring a quality installation that meets your project's needs and specifications.


All quotes are meticulously specific for each project to ensure that all bids are accurate and competitive. We apply our complete spectrum of electrical services, in addition to our established network of subcontractors, to provide a highly detailed scope of work with a precise timeline and complete cost to you.


Multiple cross-checks are used throughout the estimating process to ensure that there are no surprises at any point for all parties involved.

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