Energy Efficiency Services

Business and technical expertise focused on minimizing energy consumption while maximizing your bottom line.

Energy Efficiency Services

saving energy pays off

Implement efficiency opportunities with short payback periods and tangible environmental benefits.


Save Money

You’ll see return on investment in two years or less for most of our efficiency recommendations.

Alarm Clock

Save time

We’ll take care of everything from assessment through to installation, testing, and commissioning.



Save carbon

By reducing your energy consumption, you’ll shrink your carbon footprint and get closer to your sustainability goals.


Identify efficiency opportunities

Curious what efficiency measures you could address in your facility? Wondering what incentives or rebates are available to you? Our energy efficiency services will save you time and money by identifying and implementing efficiency opportunities.

We’ll assess your facility and create a custom energy efficiency action plan that includes high-impact recommendations, short payback periods, and a fixed, no-obligation quote for Spark Power to perform upgrades.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll make things easy for you by providing incentive application support, quick implementation, and end-to-end service. These services can be combined with other Spark offerings, depending on your needs.

Lighting Upgrades

Secure a quick return on your investment, with instant cost savings on your electrical utility billing through reduced energy consumption. In addition to significant cost savings, a lighting retrofit or smart LED lighting conversion can improve your lighting quality, creating a safer environment for your team.

Single Speed Drive Replacement

The right variable frequency drive solution will result in quick cost savings by reducing maintenance costs and improving operational efficiencies. Optimize your electrical system by eliminating excessive heat, reducing electrical demand, and adding more precise control over your processes.

Air compressors

Air compressors and compressed air leakages are often overlooked as energy efficiency opportunities. Air leaks and inefficient air compressors may seem harmless, but the energy loss and costs associated with this conservation measure are quite substantial.

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Download our energy efficiency services brochure for more details on Spark Power's energy solutions.

Spark Power technicians work with you to uncover vulnerabilities, identify defective components and connections, and determine the best service strategy to avoid unplanned downtime.

Even if there are not open incentives or rebates in your jurisdiction, we can help you optimize your facility, minimize your electricity consumption, and reduce energy waste.

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