Energy Efficiency

Business and technical expertise focused on minimizing energy consumption while maximizing your bottom line.

Energy Efficiency

Real insights on your energy consumption, comprehensive solutions to help you use less, AND substantial impact on your bottom line

Energy solutions from Spark Power provide you with understanding, certainty, and control over the energy your business uses.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Increase the profitability of your production with customized energy conservation solutions, designed to minimize your electricity consumption.


Ensure Power Reliability

Prevent outages, lower system interruption frequency and reduce restoration times by integrating alternative energy sources into your electrical system.


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Improve Power Quality

Bolster the health of your power system with in-depth infrastructure improvements to meet current and future energy demands.


Reduce Costs

Save money and energy at your facility with a comprehensive suite of services to create substantial reductions in your annual energy consumption.

Lighting Retrofits

Secure a tremendous return on your investment, with instant cost savings on your electrical utility billing due to reduced energy consumption. In addition to significant cost savings, a lighting retrofit can improve your lighting quality, creating a safer environment for your team.

VFD Retrofits

The right VFD solution will result in quick cost savings by reducing maintenance costs and improving operational efficiencies. Optimize your electrical system by eliminating excessive heat, reducing electrical demand, and adding more precise control over your processes.

Remote Monitoring

Our scalable data management solutions create a connected infrastructure that supports remote data acquisition and sharing across multiple sites. This provides real-time energy information to ensure that your equipment is performing optimally.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Enhance your power system flexibility and get off the grid during periods of peak demand. Battery energy storage solutions from Spark Power can absorb and release excess power quickly to improve your energy resiliency, and create considerable savings on your energy bills.

Power Factor

Our expert technicians measure the effectiveness of the power being used and choose the optimum type, size, and number of capacitors required to maximize utilization at your facility.

Power Reliability

Prevent outages, lower system interruption frequency, and reduce restoration times by integrating alternative or renewable energy sources into your electrical system.

Onsite Power Generation

Avoid costly peak-demand charges by reducing your electrical power consumption during periods when demand on the power utilities is at its highest. Utilizing an on-site generator when the electric load is higher than the peak price will result in substantial cost savings, while also providing redundancy for emergency power. If your facility has a significant heat load, then a cogeneration solution might be the best fit.

Onsite Solar Power

Onsite solar system installations from Spark Power are designed for the long term and require very little upkeep to maintain. Protect your facility against rising utility costs, take advantage of local cash rebates, tax credits, or incentives, and make significant progress towards your sustainability goals.

Power Quality

Bolster the health of your power system and get the most out of the power you're paying for, with in-depth infrastructure improvements, and customized power factor correction solutions.

Electrical Infrastructure Assessment

Ensure that your electrical infrastructure will meet production needs with an in-depth review of your electrical systems. Spark Power technicians work with you to uncover vulnerabilities, identify defective components and connections, and determine the best service strategy to avoid unplanned downtime.

Power Monitoring

Integrating power monitoring throughout your facility allows you to automatically assess power supply problems such as voltage drops, flickering, harmonics, and other electrical issues in real-time. Gain access to essential performance information to empower you to optimize your facility operations.

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