Energy Efficiency

Business and technical expertise focused on minimizing energy consumption while maximizing your bottom line.

Energy Efficiency

Real insights on your energy consumption, Real solutions to help you use less, AND Real impact on your bottom line

Power management from Spark Power places more understanding, certainty, and control over the energy your business uses.

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Detailed audits and reports on the power your equipment uses and loses. Get clarity on the causes behind your monthly energy costs. 



Customized operational and power asset recommendations to control energy consumption. 



 Ongoing monitoring and real-time data collection empower you to make better, more informed decisions regarding facility operations and equipment.  

Custom data collection

Using data collection and interpretation to identify energy waste, spot phantom loads, discover ways to improve power factor correction, and other key information.


Efficiency audits and patterns catch the lags, losses, and strains that negatively impact reliability, overall MWh used, and money spent on power. 


Determining how elements like supply voltage, current flow, and consumption rate interact with each other and their collective impact to power performance.  


Understanding how your electricity bills, including the global adjustment, are calculated and seeing if there are ways to save your business money. 


After reviewing your energy data, Spark Power provides strategies to help you mitigate issues and enhance overall efficiency.

For example, if your power equipment is old or obsolete, we’ll help you select the right transformers, control panels, switchgear, or other assets which best meet your power and production requirements.

Or if you need to cut costs, peak prediction services allow you to make operational changes such as scheduling non-essential plant shutdowns or shift changes.

Ongoing monitoring

Continual monitoring gives you continuous insight into energy performance, enabling you to make progressive decisions based on predictive data.

Equipment failure  

Power anomalies could be symptomatic of a larger issue. Receiving this data early helps prevent unplanned equipment downtime. 

Power factor correction 

Using more than 90% of the electricity you draw from the grid prolongs the lifespan of your equipment and protects your business from financial penalty.

Safety risks

Real-time warnings and alerts for things like overheating let you take preventative action and better protect your employees.  

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