Modular Buildings

Protect your electrical equipment with custom-built, self-contained, portable steel buildings for all environments.

Modular Buildings



Spark Power will protect your switchgear, motor starters, VFDs, relays, control panels, and all other mechanical and electrical equipment.

Modular Buildings

Fully Customizable

We build customized modular units to suit your needs, from stand-alone to trailer-mounted units with limitless potential for configurations and built-in capabilities for future expansions.


Rugged Construction

Designed to perform in various climates, we provide you with enclosures that can withstand extreme temperatures and dusty or wet environments, while always meeting the mechanical demands of heavy industrial use.


End-To-End Service

From fabrication of the building structure to comprehensive system installation services, Spark offers your facility fully integrated packages that provide you with lower costs in the field.


Complete Integration

We deliver your self-contained units, completely co-ordinated, assembled and tested inside our controlled factory environment. Our dedicated team of technical experts work with the latest technologies in the fields of robotics, PLC, SCADA and vision systems

Expert Installation

Specialized electricians seamlessly integrate new equipment and systems with any existing infrastructure to get you up and running quickly and safely. Our service continues well after installation, with planned maintenance, on-site training, and emergency support.

Certified Testing

Our teams energize all components prior to shipping for programming, commissioning and testing requirements. After build and install, your equipment is thoroughly tested to verify assembly accuracy and that it is operating within design parameters.


Our modular buildings can be designed as stand-alone units or skid/trailer-mounted for ease of mobility at your facility. If space is limited, our fabricated enclosures can be stacked and be equipped with safety certified stairs, landings and walkways.

All units can be designed with complete electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, with all components installed prior to shipping, minimizing your on-site costs. Configurations may include:

  • Electrical distribution buildings
  • Protection and control enclosures
  • Walk-in switch houses
  • Process control rooms
  • Pump control stations
  • Field repair stations
  • Various other on-facility buildings such as laboratory, office, and testing sites
  • mobular-buildings
    Industrial Electrical Contractors

    engineered for maximum structural integrity

    Made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel, our modular enclosure construction options provide flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

    Designed to include interior climatization such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, all buildings can be built to withstand extreme wind, seismic and snow load conditions, whether mounted on a pad, moveable skid, mobile trailer, or on support piles.

    Spark's in-house assembly includes all necessary functioning components, reducing the timeline from set-up to completion. This allows for an earlier start-up at your facility. Your equipment is installed, tested, and ready to use upon delivery, eliminating on-site coordination and installation problems.

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