Renewable Energy Procurement

Eliminate your energy emissions footprint with power purchase agreements or green electricity.

Renewable Energy Procurement


Renewable energy procurement from Spark Power helps your business shrink its carbon footprint and elevate its brand.


power purchase agreements

Control your energy with a direct, cost-effective relationship with a power generator and you.  


Green electricity

Power your business with clean electricity from renewable sources such as wind and low-impact hydro.



Position your company as an environmental leader by choosing green natural gas or fuel that will be injected onto the system on your behalf.

Leverage the benefits of POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENTS

PPAs¬†help¬†you manage your energy bills and reduce emissions. By locking into¬†a long-term PPA, you can focus on other business priorities knowing that your power needs are covered‚ÄĒand you may even save money in the process.

No upfront capital required: PPAs do not require updates to existing equipment or ongoing investments in operations and maintenance. You pay for the power‚ÄĒnot¬†for new infrastructure.¬†¬†

Better budgeting 

Traditional green energy purchases come with the flexibility of short time commitments but are priced at a premium to grid power. The cost of power from PPAs is often the same or less than conventional sources.

Prioritizing the environment 

PPAs let your company make a positive contribution to sustainability by providing an ongoing supply of clean energy. 

Enhance your brand 

Demonstrate to customers, investors, and employees that your business is serious about climate change by taking meaningful action.

SOURCE GREEN electricity, GREEN natural gas, OR GREEN FUEL

When you choose green electricity, natural gas, or fuel, we look at how much traditional energy your business uses and inject the same amount of a renewable alternative onto the system. Annual audits from Deloitte verify your renewable energy was produced and credited to your organization.

In addition to helping the environment, you're supporting community-based green energy projects like solar panels on schools and renewable projects with Indigenous Peoples. Using green energy also provides key business advantages:

Attract new customers 

Demonstrating your commitment to clean energy opens your business to a new segment of eco-conscious consumers. 

Boost your brand 

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Choosing green energy¬†sends¬†a powerful message‚ÄĒone that¬†we¬†can help you communicate¬†to employees, investors and customers.¬†

Make an impact

New renewable energy projects are sourced from committed renewable energy providers. By investing in green energy, you're helping bring new wind and low-impact hydro projects online. 

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