Electronic Repair

Ongoing maintenance and repairs to lower production costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve your overall bottom line.

Electronic Repair

Reducing system downtime and promoting the health and performance of your electronic equipment

Cost-effective, time-saving, and customized services your business can rely on to protect its investment in electrical systems and components.



Ongoing service to junction boxes, panels, and systems to ensure they deliver long-term production and profitability.  

Award Medal


Keep your drives, VFDs, motors, and other components in pristine shape with fast, precise, and authorized service. 


Board level

Repair physical damage, add new or remove old components to the layout of all electronic circuit board for any industry.

Extensive repair capabilities

When your equipment is down, getting it up and running is our top priority with versatile and responsive repair solutions.

Onsite troubleshooting 

Resolving issues such as burnt out components, loose connections, defective wiring, and more right in your facility, no matter where it’s located. 

Replacement services 

Removing and replacing faulty components like VFDs, input/output (I/O) boards, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), gets your equipment operational again quickly so you can resume production. 

Reliability testing 

Post-repair, end-to-end performance testing ensures all components, including the cause of the original system failure, are in peak working order. 


Protect your business from costly breakdowns by preventing them from happening in the first place with a tailor-made maintenance program: 

  • Thermographic inspections to spot equipment hot spots while in operation¬†
  • Checking motor loads and overload protection¬†
  • Creating or updating single line diagrams for safety¬†and regulatory¬†compliance¬†
  • Saving key performance data¬†with¬†periodic PLC¬†and¬†human machine interface (HMI)¬†backups¬†

Comprehensive customer service

The sooner we deliver the best-in-class repairs and maintenance you demand, the sooner your¬†facility¬†can get back to¬†what it does best ‚Äď producing work and generating revenue:¬†

Fast quotes 

Providing quick answers to the most pressing question you or your budget manager will have: How much is this going to cost? 

Warranty protection

Get extra peace of mind with a post-repair warranty on labor for any new equipment installations. 

Pick-up and delivery

Offsite work performed at our repair shop can be picked up or delivered based on what’s more convenient for you. 

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