Ongoing Support Services

Equipment upgrades, systematic equipment testing, and on-site staffing to keep your production up and running.

Ongoing Support Services

Equipment upgrades, systematic testing, and
on-site staffing to

keep your facility up and running

Spark Power can provide you with comprehensive, end-to-end services that safeguard the immediate and long-term reliability, safety, and performance of all critical systems within your business.

Ongoing Support


Our automation and electrical experts will meet all of your specified pre-start health and safety requirements.

Magnifying Emergency

Testing and Analysis

We provide high-quality on-site performance along with operational and electrical testing services that ensure your project adheres to design and operational requirements.


Highly Skilled
Shift Coverage

Our dedicated technicians provide on-call and shift coverage services for vacation, sick leave, and additional needs that your facility may require, including continuous improvement and routine maintenance.

Testing You can rely on

Spark performs comprehensive testing to ensure the highest levels of equipment reliability and code compliance. Easy-to-reference reports are provided on baseline performance, power distribution levels, and other key metrics, including:

• Wiring continuity testing
• Insulation resistance testing
• Current path testing
• Reliability tests
• Operational error tests



Review and Quote Compliance

We review your machinery before it goes into service, ensuring that all safety guidelines are met as well as due-diligence and compliance with government inspections.

Design and Install of Safety Solutions

Our teams incorporate your specific requirements into construction and testing documents, ensuring they're in accordance with pre-design specifications for both local and international equipment manufacturers.

Equipment Compliance Upgrades

Electrical equipment installations often require some level of safety upgrades before safe operations can commence. We ensure that your new systems are fully compliant for application.

On-Demand Adjustments and Improvements

We test and service your equipment components, both individually and as a system, helping to preserve your installation.

High, Medium and Low Voltage

Our teams service switchgear, transformers, substations, and distribution systems above 750 V, and low voltage systems below 750 V.


We protect your equipment and workers with emergency power generation, battery systems, back-up lighting, and emergency signage testing.

Panels, Switches, and Breakers

We ensure your control panels, transfer switches, breakers, and annunciators properly perform and display accurate information.


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Discover how commissioning from Spark Power was used to install a source of back-up power for a city hall building or download our commissioning brochure.

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